In Restoration Dogs, eight criminal rogues (Sir Ochre, Sir Indigo, Sir Opaque, Sir Chartreuse, Sir Or'ange and Sir Lavender, along with the crime boss Jodelet Godot and his son Pleasant Edward, a fine English Fop) plot to steal the Crown Jewels of the British throne under the rule of King Charles II who was 'restored' to the throne in 1660. This story unfolds as we meet the two town gossips, Lady Long Tongue and Lady Mumble News.

The setting is London in the year 1671. This is based in part on the factual incident, which happened at the Tower of London on May 9th 1671; the theft of the crown jewels by Thomas Blood (In this play, aka Sir Lavender). This has never been told in the form of a stage play… until now! What do we mean by 'transformative'? Restoration Dogs is a transformative work, a 'mash-up', if you will. A period piece and an original work containing story elements parodied from Quentin Tarantino's cult film Reservoir Dogs (1992). We're using a well-known film style and story elements - as homage to Tarantino - and blending it with a well-established theatrical style to create a new experience for the audience. In an age of mash-ups in music, art, film and poetry, Restoration Dogs is presented as a 'dark comedy' with use of parody to underline the social commentary. This play is accessible and stands on its own as an original work. The piece has pure entertainment at the heart of the experience.

Restoration Dogs is an exciting new work. My art as a Writer, Director, Filmmaker and Producer is to open up an audience to a new experience and to a time period and genre with its own social customs, which parallel our experience today. In partnering with an established theatre we clearly mark out our goals as Producers. Once production funding is reached, we will partner with the Detroit area theatre and begin production dates and planning for rehearsals and performances. Restoration Dogs - "A surrealistic minuet on the edge of tomorrow."

First Prologue (PDF)